Do You Have A Quarter Horse or Warmblood or Any Horse That You Are Having Difficulty Fitting For A Saddle?

You've come to the right place because I have a dozen or more saddles in stock at all times to fit those "hard to fit" equines.

Quarter Horses generally will fit into regular quarter horse bars, semi-quarter horse bars and full quarter horse bars. BUT SOMETIMES.....they are larger, wider and more muscular and they need the angled bars of our Custom Saddles to get the proper fit. Many breeds have conformation qualities that prove difficult in finding saddles that are comfortable and fit them well. These SADDLES will prove to be your best investment. Take a look at the photos below:
    Description Price
1.   King Draft Saddle 15 - 15 1/2" Seat
All prices in US Dollars

#3 Wide Gullet 16" Seat $880.00

Hard to Fit #3
Looking for a big, square-skirted roping style saddle to fit that "hard to fit" horse? This brown leather saddle has a 16" dark brown suede seat, with spot oak tooling and nickel conchos. Saddle weighs 33 lbs. SALE PRICE: $880.00 Was: $1,074.50
#10 Wide Gullet 16" Seat $550.00

Hard to Fit #10
sale Priced will buy you this extra wide gullet, angled bars leather/cordura combo saddle in Chocolate Brown. Brass Hardware.
#13 Hard-to-fit: 15-15 1/2" Seat $775.00

King Series brown leather saddle complete with Rear Cinch:
15" [inside measurement] Black Leather Padded Seat,
5" Pencil-roll Cantle,
8 1/2" Gullet,
Leather Laced Stirrups,
Blevins Quick Change Stirrup Buckles,
Hand Tooled Border,
Neoprene in Skirts,
Leather Off Billet and Leather Tie Strap,
Clip & D's for attachments,
D-Rings for Breastcollar Attachment,
Bacl Crupper D-Ring,
4 Saddle Strings,
TREE: 5 year guarantee,
HORN: 3 1/4",
SWELL: 14",
RIGGING: In-Skirt,
WEIGHT: 26 lbs.

This saddle is like new condition just missing the hobble straps.


See the 3-day Trial Period Info Below

Misunderstood Gullet Facts: by Shari O'Neal (consultant)
The most misunderstood terminology concerning the saddle is the gullet. The gullet is where the pommel of the saddle tree attaches to the bars of the tree. Gullet width is the measurement from side to side of this area. The height of the gullet is measured with the saddle tree sitting on the floor and the measurement goes to the underside of the pommel. High withered horses need tall gullet height.

Do not make the mistake of fitting your horse ONLY by the gullet height or width. More importantly is the angle of the bars. The above pictured saddles have flat, wide angled bars to accomodate the wide, full-figured type of horse. (Haflingers, believe me, generally take a wider tree than even these saddles have, therefor tree fittings are highly recommended). You can purchase a saddle with "any" size gullet and still have bars that will hurt your horse. The moral of the story here is that just measuring the width of the gullet will not tell you if the bars are proper for your horse's conformation.

We like using and recommending wood trees because it gives us a wide range of angles and sizes, much more so than molded fiberglass or ralide trees. You will get a much better and comfortable fit for your horse.
Saddle Trial Period:
It is my absolute pleasure to allow you, a valued customer, the opportunity to purchase a selected saddle from this listing and subject to a three-day trial period you may ascertain if the saddle fits you and your horse using the following guidelines:

A CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION or a CHECK for the FULL AMOUNT of the saddle, PLUS any tax, shipping and insurance charges must be paid up front.

Please do not clean or oil the saddle.

Protect the saddle from any and all marks in the leather caused by rubbing, scratching or bruising.

A brief ride is allowed (10 minutes maximum) to obtain an idea of how the saddle fits you and your horse.

Use a clean saddle pad to protect the underside.

Keep the saddle covered and protected at all times, except when test riding.

Avoid storing it in your vehicle, barn or boarding facility.

Please contact me within 3 days of receiving the saddle with your decision as to whether you will be keeping the saddle or returning it. If you decide to return the saddle, you will be responsible for the shipping charges both ways and a 5% restocking fee. This re-stocking charge helps recover the credit card processing fees and commissions I as a retailer have to pay. If all conditions have been met, I will gladly issue you a check for the amount due you.

If there has been no correspondence between us during those three days, the sale will be considered "FINAL" and no returns will be accepted.

Thank you for your understanding,

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