Mini Tooled Saddle
Only $299.00

Handmade Earrings
Only $5.95

Mule on the plow
Only $44.95

Leather Crossdraw Holster
Only $26.00

Leanin' Tree Cat Foal and Mom
Only $9.99

Heavy Duty Nylon Saddle Bags
Only $19.30

Oversized English Bridle Haflinger or Small Draft Horse
Only $135.00

Fancy Show Style Reins with Swarovski Crystals
Only $77.50
5/8" X 8' Long

Nylon Pastel Halter | Average Horse Size | Yearling Draft Horse
Only $28.50
Fits 800 lbs - 1,100 lbs from Weaver Leather

Horse Harness Used
Only $400.00

Draft Horse Bridle Nylon Assorted Colors
Only $42.95

Barrel Racing Custom Saddle
Only $1,395.00
On SALE for only $950.00

I Love My Horse - Walking the Horse
Only $24.95
12" In Diameter

Breyer Poinsettia Holiday Horse 2012
Only $59.99
On SALE for only $36.00

Horsehead Earrings in Goldtone
Only $15.95


Brand New - Exciting - Top of the Line - Authentic Cowboy Mounted Shooting Saddles:

We are now building Cowboy Mounted Shooting Saddles and you won't believe what you see! Yes, we have the quality and affordable price all wrapped into one delightful mounted shooting saddle package for you. COMPARE our CMSS#1 saddle with the competitions saddle selling for $2,350.00 and more.

We feature our lst Cowboy Mounted Shooting Saddle in walnut colored upgraded leather (no breaking-in) with the Wade roping tree.

Our roper trees are Bowman trees, but this new saddle tree is an "association tree". 6 3/4" which is in between the semi-quarter and full quarter horse bars.

The butterfly rigging ties in every piece of leather on the saddle. It is suitable for any type of roughness. The 7/8 position rigging can be changed if you need us to move for you on this Cowboy Mounted Shooting Saddle.
Every Cowboy Mounted Shooting Saddle Will Have The Crossed 45's Engraved On Backside of Cantle

Why Our Saddle?
The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Saddle must be comfortable for the horse and the rider and must keep you secure as you're running those demanding courses.

Many shooters use barrel racing saddles because they are light-weight and this can aid in increasing your speed. The secureness provided by a deep, yet tall cantle keeps you balanced and "in your seat" while performaning those fast turns and patterns.

The use of suede on the seat and jockeys also keeps your seat more secure. This of course is a personal choice as well as horn height and horn angle.

The bars of the saddle help aid the horse's freedom of movement and the fender leather is reduced in thickness to allow for a closer contact with the rider and the horse. We eliminate bulk under the fender, in the rigging area for the cinch, in order to create a better feel for the rider on the horse. This really helps in this event.


Click Below To View the FIRST Off the Line Cowboy Mounted Shooting Saddle from HorseLoversHeadquarters

    Description Price
1.   Cowboy Mounted Shooting Saddle #1
Item No. CMSS1
All prices in US Dollars

This Saddle is IN STOCK NOW (click link above) $1,400.00

The Saddles Below Are Custom Built Cowboy Mounted Shooting Saddles. Write or Phone Me for Details. or phone 570-323-5222 EST

CMSS #2 (Below) Saddle Built on Wade Tree, Fiberblass Wrapped Wood, Hand-Carved, Premium Leather, Stainless Steel Hardware, Montana Silver, Plate Rigging and Real Sheep's Fleece Lining $1,699.00

CMSS #3 (Below) Saddle Built on Association Tree, Fiberglass Wrapped Wood, Hand-Tooled and Hand-Carved, Standard Leather, Stainless Steel Hardware and Wool Felt Lining $960.00

CMSS #4 (Below) Cowboy Mounted Shooting Saddle is Made On Pleasure Polymer Tree with Quarter Horse Bars, Standard Leather, In Skirt Rigging, Stainless Steel Hardware and Wool Felt Lining $720.00

CMSS #5 (Below) Mounted Shooting A-Fork Half Seat, Fiberglass Wrapped Wood Tree, Hand-Tooled Premium Leather, Brass Hardware and Real Sheep's Fleece Lining $1,699.00

**Big Difference Between US and the Competition:**

What the other Cowboy Mounted Shooting Saddle manufacturers don't offer is:
* Custom Fitting of Tree
* A Custom Saddle
* Quick Builds
* We've Eliminated the BULK under the Fenders for Close-Contact Riding
* BETTER PRICING ! or phone 570-323-5222 EST


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