Common Bit Terminology:

Purchase: This is the section of the bit located ABOVE the mouthpiece. A short purchase will act quicker in a horse's mouth when the rider pulls on the reins. A long purchase results in a slower reaction.

Shank: The section of the bit located BELOW the mouthpiece. The shorter the shank, the less control you have and the longer the shank, the more control you have.

Cheeks: The cheek refers to the entire purchase and shank. The headstall attaches to the purchase and the reins attach to the shank.

Mouthpiece: The part of the bit that goes into the horse's mouth.

Bars: The bars of a bit rest on the bars of the horse's mouth. The closer together the bars are, the more severe the bit. The wider apart the bars are, the less severe the bit.


Types of Mouthpiece Metals:

Sweet Iron: Sweet Iron is intended to rust. It produces a sweet taste as the rusting process occurs.

Copper: Copper causes a horse's mouth to salivate allowing the mouth to stay soft and supple and usable to the rider

Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel provides a clean, neat look to any mouthpiece.

Other types include:
BP - Brass Plated
BS - Black Steel
CP - Chrome Plated
MI - Malleable Iron
NP - Nickel Plated
SB - Solid Brass

Measure Your Horse's Mouth:

Is your horse lucky to have you as it's owner/rider? Are you one who truly cares about your horse's comfort?

If your bit doesn't fit your horse's mouth properly, then your horse will be uncomfortable and unhappy. He/she will either curl up "behind the bit" or "push against" the pain of the bit.

Get a friend to help you do this...take a piece of string and pull it straight across the inside of the horse's mouth where the intended bit will lay. Use a marking pen to make a mark on each side where is comes out of his mouth. Measure between the two marks and add 1/2" to your measurement. This will allow 1/4" clearance on each side of his mouth for a comfortable bit.

Remember - A HAPPY HORSE IS A SAFE HORSE! or phone 570-323-5222 EST

Click on the Pictures and/or Descriptions of Bits Below for More Information and Ordering - Bits Are Not Returnable-Please Be Sure You Order the Correct Size
    Description Price
1.   5" SS Long Shank Curb with Copper Roller Bit
Item No. DH-BIT39
2.   Draft Horse Curb Strap
3.   Draft Horse Size Nylon Curb Chain Assorted Colors
Item No. DH-CC
4.   Full Cheek Eggbutt Snaffle Bit | 5" Mouth Draft or Mule
Item No. DHBIT-29
5.   4 1/2" SS Full Cheek Snaffle with Copper Rollers | draft, warmblood horse size bit
Item No. DH-BIT34
6.   SS Egg Butt Snaffle Bit w French Link or Copper Lozenge | draft, warmblood horse size
Item No. DH-BIT30
7.   Eggbutt Snaffle Bit | Stainless Steel 5", 5 1/2" egg butt
Item No. DHBIT-43
8.   Twisted Copper Mouth Egg Butt Draft size Snaffle Bit 5", 6"
Item No. DH-BIT38
9.   Draft Horse Korsteel Bit Flavored Peppermint Snaffle
10.   Stainless Steel 5" Haflinger Snaffle Team Bit
Item No. DHBIT-11
11.   Stainless Steel 6" Snaffle Bit
Item No. DHBIT-12
12.   Stainless Steel Snaffle Bits | 6" Mouth
Item No. DHBIT-24
13.   Snaffle Bit NP 6" Mouth Draft or Mule
Item No. DHBIT-14
14.   Snaffle Bit with 2 1/4" Rings, 5 1/4" Mouth
Item No. DHBIT-19
15.   Stainless Steel Straight Team Bit | 5 1/2", 6" Mouth
Item No. DHBIT-10
16.   Weymouth Stainless Steel Hollow Mouth 5 1/2" Bit
Item No. DH-BIT52
17.   Stainless Steel Mule 6 1/2" Mouth Bit
Item No. DHBIT-5
18.   Stainless Steel Sweet Iron 5 1/4" Mouth Bit
Item No. DHBIT-15
19.   Buxton Bit | 4 1/2" Mouth
Item No. DHBIT-3
20.   Butterfly Mullen Mouth 2-slot Draft Size Bit | 5 1/2" Mouth
Item No. DHBIT-6
21.   Butterfly Mullen Mouth 3-Slot Draft Horse Bit | 5 1/2" mouth
Item No. DHBIT-7
22.   4" Black Steel Curb Bit
Item No. BIT-2
23.   5" Sweetwater Curb Bit with Copper Mouth
Item No. BIT-1
24.   Liverpool Bit 5 3/4" Mouth Stainless Steel
Item No. DH-BIT51
All prices in US Dollars or phone 570-323-5222 EST


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