Draft Horse Super Cinch Girth 38" up to 54"


These SUPER CINCHES are backed with 1/2" thick black, 100% felt linings.

Available in:







Customer offered this info: "moose" weighs about 2600lbs and the 46 inch girth is perfect!!!!! so i think that a 44 inch would probably be alright for the 1600lb horse

Position of the girth - very important to place your cinch in the correct position. Your cinch or girth needs to be placed in the narrowest part of the horse's rib cage. This area is approximately 4 inches behind the horse's elbow but because horses have many types of conformation, sometimes this area is more forward or back of the above suggested area.

When you view your horse from the side, just look for a dip in the lower line of the stomach behind his/her elbow or look for a slight upward curve. It is very obvious - thus sometimes referred to as "the girth line".

Because Weaver Leather is committed to your safety and enjoyment, Weaver Leather has teamed up with Stacy Westfall of Westfall Horsemanship to release an educational video called Ride Safely On The Trail with Weaver. It covers a wide range of topics to keep you safe on the trail. She believes in providing you with effective training methods that are straightforward, practical and work into your everyday life.

Given the inherent risk of riding horses, Weaver wants you to ride safely. As a result, they will provide this 95 minute safety video for free with the purchase of any Weaver Leather product!

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This product is not currently in stock.


  • Dees for tie down and back cinch attachment
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Nickel plated hardware
  • Black only
All Prices in US Dollars

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