Mini Tooled Saddle
Only $299.00

Handmade Earrings
Only $5.95

Mule on the plow
Only $44.95

Leather Crossdraw Holster
Only $26.00

Leanin' Tree Cat Foal and Mom
Only $9.99

Heavy Duty Nylon Saddle Bags
Only $19.30

Oversized English Bridle Haflinger or Small Draft Horse
Only $135.00

Fancy Show Style Reins with Swarovski Crystals
Only $77.50
5/8" X 8' Long

Nylon Pastel Halter | Average Horse Size | Yearling Draft Horse
Only $28.50
Fits 800 lbs - 1,100 lbs from Weaver Leather

Horse Harness Used
Only $400.00

Draft Horse Bridle Nylon Assorted Colors
Only $42.95

Barrel Racing Custom Saddle
Only $1,395.00
On SALE for only $950.00

I Love My Horse - Walking the Horse
Only $24.95
12" In Diameter

Breyer Poinsettia Holiday Horse 2012
Only $59.99
On SALE for only $36.00

Horsehead Earrings in Goldtone
Only $15.95


Stainless Steel Mule 6 1/2" Mouth Bit
Bits are Not Returnable - please be sure you order the correct size

Stainless Steel Bit by Weaver Leather pictured above is the 6 1/2" mouth.

How To Measure Your Horse's/Mule's Mouth For Bit Size:
Get a friend to help you do this...take a piece of string and pull it straight across the inside of the horse's mouth where the intended bit will lay. Use a marking pen to make a mark on each side where is comes out of his mouth. Measure between the two marks and add 1/2" to your measurement. This will allow 1/4" clearance on each side of his mouth for a comfortable bit.

Not Available
This product is not currently in stock.

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